Flexibility mindset

This morning I was grumbling in my head about being a full workout behind on my schedule. Unavoidable life circumstances and the need for equipment I do not have here at home in the basement, coupled with not wanting to be less than fully able for the workout I had planned for Tuesday but finallyContinue reading “Flexibility mindset”

Begin well to finish well.

I began the year with some dead lifts in the basement, where I was training for my second try at competing at power-lifting. The photos above were taken on Dec 30, marking the completion of my latest 6 week program. The weight is 210 which is a 30 pound gain over the year, but notContinue reading “Begin well to finish well.”

Something New

I love what I do. I love helping people to enjoy a new level of fitness. I really enjoy meeting new people and helping them find a fitness they can live with, a fitness that adds to the depth of joy they find in their lives.  Ideally I would like to enable people to comingContinue reading “Something New”