Rethinking, rebuilding, re-certification…

So here we are, 2020 off to a bumpy, yet interesting start, and officially this is my year to re-certify for personal training. Personally I enjoy the re-certification process because it allows me to refresh the knowledge I already have, pick up on new thinking in the field and educate myself in new areas.

Particularly in the past I have educated myself to better serve the clientele I usually provide service to. Those in the 50 and over category. This was a natural choice for me for two reasons, a. I was in my 50’s when I moved into this career, b. I really wanted to help people to have a better quality of life, and I believe that a consistent exercise program tailored to specific needs and goals is the way to to that, and to maintain brain health.

But with the growing statistics about youth health problems related to inactivity, and myself having raised one, in his words, “not really a sports person mom” son, i started to think about what gets done for those kids.

My own son was home schooled beyond fifth grade and so physical activity was built into his life. Basically we tried everything that caught his fancy, from skate boarding, to slack lining, bicycling and parkour. I “forced” him to walk with me and poor Sophie nearly daily and tried to lure him into the gym when ever possible.

My second set of kids attends public school, and you would think, problem solved, but money for these kinds of programs appears to have gone out the door with the music and arts programs, and resources are and time limited at best. Sometimes PE seems not even to be in the curriculum or is at best an elective.

So i set out to see what could be done about this. There are classes to certify to teach sports, but that was not where I was headed, and courses to certify to teach groups of children, which is great, but teaching swimming lessons for children and doing personal training for adults has shown me that not all people are comfortable, learn well, or can stay focused in a group setting.

I think it is important to clarify at this time that I am making a distinction between, children and adolescents. My primary interest is in the age group falling between 5-11 yrs old with some exceptions made at either end depending on development and family inclusion. (siblings also training)

Personal training for children allows your child to work and grow in the manner best suited to their interests and abilities while providing a well rounded over all fitness which can improve confidence, health and focus in other areas of their lives as well. It will set them up for an educated, fun and balanced approach to exercise and help them learn how to set goals and work toward their achievement.

The training will be informed by my work as a personal trainer, swimming instructor for children, and specialized education. Your child will be treated in a positive, respectful manner and will be taught to celebrate their day to day accomplishments.

I will update as soon as I am able to take clients!

I hope it is as beautiful where you are as it is in Billings Mt this morning! Good bye for now.


Published by Grace Frankforter

I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, sculptor/artist, and mother. I am passionate about helping other people to have happier healthier lives, through personal training, support and motivation. I am dedicated to the premise that it is never too late to make improvements, and committed to helping you make that happen..

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